Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Boyfriend went out of town to see a Phish concert and while he was away, I had a really nice weekend. Between taking him to the airport and picking him up from the airport I:

- Finished catching up with Lost. Good golly, it feels good to be done, not that I didn't enjoy watching it. Pumped for season 6!

-Watched all of Weeds season 4, just in time to watch the season premiere tonight! (In just one hour from now!)

-Finished dishcloth 4 of 4 for an upcoming present (for someone who definitely does not read this blog but I'm still going to keep it at least slightly secret here). This one I did while watching all that tv I just mentioned.

-Went to the local farmer's market! Bought apple butter, honey, goat cheese (chevre), and a bag of salad. Persevered through washing the salad despite finding an inch worm, slug, green flying thing (aphid?), endless little tiny black flying things, and a lady bug. I felt bad about squashing the lady bug, but it had to be done. I also petted a bunch of handspun yarn, but alas, it's too pricey for my budget and too scratchy to be any of the projects that I have in mind right now.

-Went bowling and did not too badly.

-Did a little yoga, thanks to this site. It kicked my ass a little, I really haven't worked out at all since February (and I wasn't that consistent about it before then either). I'm sore.

-Slept a lot. Which is particularly good because I really haven't followed up much on my previous intentions to sleep more.

-Made some art! A moonscape in pastels on canvas. Pastels feel a bit like glorified crayons with my skill level, and that's kind of what it winds up looking like, but I really enjoy this one and I'm going to hang it over my bed. And hopefully post a picture here too.

It was a good weekend. I missed Aaron but it was really satisfying to do so much that was all about me. =)

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