Monday, June 29, 2009

She's so lucky

I used to be one of those people who said "I never win anything." I have no way of really proving that cause I never kept records of raffles or drawings or contests that I've entered and not won. But I did feel that way. Well not anymore.

Back in February I won a photo title contest at The Pioneer Woman. Here's the post with my name in bold! "Calf au Lait" how freakin clever is that? I was so proud of myself I could barely stand it. And the prize was great, $300 at I got a yoga mat, throw pillows for the couch, a new comforter, some pyrex bakeware, and a microwave. It ruled.

And this morning I just got an email from Bossy saying I won a pound of coffee! I'm afraid it will be whole bean, which means I'll have to buy a grinder, which means that it's a shame I didn't get one with my $300 at But I don't care, I love coffee.

In any case, I'm starting to feel a bit embarrassed by my good fortune. And now that I'm thinking of it, back around Thanksgiving I won (well the table pooled our tickets and put me in charge of organizing them, and then I made my friend take the prize because I still lived out in the boonies with my folks and didn't want to drunk drive) a week of free beer at Mario's Fishbowl. And last summer Aaron gave me extra raffle tickets at a fundraiser and I won a gift certificate to Black Bear Burritos which is maybe my favorite place in Morgantown. (And this was even before we started dating. Awwww.)

And gosh, I even won a pair of basketball tickets at Working Women's Wednesday back in January. Shoot, I feel really greedy for even entering the coffee giveaway. Well if you're reading this and you want a free pound of coffee, just be the first to comment here and I'll send it to you!


  1. will you send it to sweden?

  2. *GASP!* I was just thinking what a dumb idea it was to have a giveaway when no one ever comments and I don't even know if anyone reads it. But yes, I WILL send it to Sweden!!! Email me your address. In the interest of full disclosure, it's decaf. Still want it?

  3. But of course! Glad I discovered you. Again.