Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I got pulled over

I was stuck six or seven cars back at a long light and I needed to turn right. This was on my route to work and I was running late. Since I have a little car I snuck out to the right and passed them and made my turn. I've done this about every other day for the past month and a half. But this time I got pulled over. I've never been pulled over before and it kinda freaked me out. But the officer was nice and I guess I had the right combination of doing something that wasn't too bad and looking sufficiently scared and shameful about it. He let me off with just a verbal warning about "improper passing."

Like reaching over someone for the butter dish.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things

Most of my life I have been religiously conflict avoidant. Ask any former roommate. (Is avoidant not a real word? I keep getting the red squiggly line. hmmm.) Getting married, however, kinda knocked that out of me. (Er, getting divorced is what really did it.) It's not totally gone, but you try being married to someone who sometimes does things that married men are not supposed to do and see how long you can avoid a conflict. So yeah, I'm way better at handling conflict than I used to be, but the tendency to avoid is still there.

I share an office with my boss, meaning I sit in the small rectangle between his desk and the wall, with my back to the door. This is so not feng shui it's not even funny. There is one particular gentleman I work with who is a pretty big guy. And he was in the habit of walking right into the 1 1/2 square feet of free space in my area and going through my drawers for stuff he needed... WHILE I WAS SITTING RIGHT THERE. It was so invasive and claustrophobic and frustrating it would ruin my whole day every time it happened.

So I resolved to handle this like a grown up. The next time he came in and started helping himself to my very limited amount of free space, I asked him if, when I'm sitting at my desk, he could ask me for what he needed instead of getting it himself. And he said oh sure no problem. And today? Today he walked in the door, stopped, and said "Hey, would you mind handing me the reservation books?" And I said "Sure thing."

It was like magic to this former conflict avoider. =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun with Iron-on

I mentioned this in a previous post, but now that I have pictures I thought I should show them! My boyfriend turned 30 last Friday and in honor of the occasion I made a special t-shirt.

The front:

The back:

I have some friends who started a t-shirt company called Backstory Prints and apparently it all started cause they made some iron-on shirts for special occasions. They did it enough times and decided to get serious. After experiencing how stinkin fun it was to make a custom t-shirt for Aaron's birthday, not to mention how great everyone's reaction was to it, I understand why they turned pro.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Unexpected Domesticity

It seems these days it's pretty hip to be domestic. Handmade and home cooked are trendy? Hey, I'm all for it. As a knitter, I definitely appreciate handmade. But knitting takes SO LONG. And I never got into sewing, I hate the idea of stabbing my fingers all the time. It feels like in the time it would take me to get the hang of a handmade lifestyle, it'd become hip to by mass produced goods again. And cooking? It's not just not my thing, I'd ALWAYS rather get take-out or buy a frozen pizza. But I guess every now and then everyone does something a little out of character.

I did this:
Pasta salad. I have no intention of eating this till tomorrow evening at the earliest. I just wanted to make it. What is up with that?

And then I did this:

Cut up veggies for an omelet that I apparently will make sometime soon. (???) I just voluntarily prepped vegetables. This is not normal. The empty wine glass in the back of these photos is normal, but the culinary production is very, very odd.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Though my last burst of crafting and blogging has obviously slowed down, I'm hesitant (but hopeful!) to say that another is around the corner. Yesterday I had a burst of "git'er done" and managed to go birthday present shopping for the boyfriend, go jeans shopping (both successful), do laundry at my parents' house, restart the capelet, and make an iron on t-shirt that says "I <3 AARON" on the front and "EVEN THO HE'S OLD" on the back. Wearing it tonight for his birthday party.

I'm excited about (knock on wood) getting the capelet done. I swatched (gasp!), cast on, and got most of the way through the ribbing last night between loads of laundry. Once I get into the rhythm of the raglan increases it'll start cranking along. ("rhythm of the raglan"... sounds like a folksy knitting song.) I've got a lot of weddings to go to this summer and I'm imagining wearing it over a cute sundress. So far the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick is really nice! It's all soft and squashy, it actually feels a little softer than the Rowan Polar. It's also thicker (super bulky as opposed to regular bulky), so I'm hoping that the difference in gauge will help with the difference in bust size between me and the designer. I also made some mathematical adjustments so here's hoping it all works out in the end.

And I've decided what to do with the sheet from crochet rug 1.0. It's going to get knitted into seat covers/cushions for my dining chairs. Boyfriend doesn't think the chairs are very comfortable (he's right) so I'm going to knit seat covers with my trusty size 11 straight bamboo needles. I like having a project for these needles cause they were my first ever pair and I haven't used them in a good long while. Once I get the time and space in my head (Lost has eaten up most of my spare brain power) I'll measure the chair seats and get cranking. Should be a pretty quick job. I cast on a handful of stitches just to try it out, which is why I'm talking about it in a post titled WIPs. ("WIP" - for the uninitiated - stands for Work In Progress.)

Fortunately, my "git'er done"-ness bled into this morning a little and I finally finished all my dishes! B knows that though I hate dirty dishes, I often don't do much about them. Once I vacuum the living room and couches, my apartment will have reached that magical "pretty dang clean" state that happens once a month or so. I like to let it get fairly dirty/messy and then I go crazy cleaning all in one fell swoop (well, over a couple of days). And then I sit around till it gets dirty again. The cycle of life.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gross stuff makes me laugh

As an exercise to try and come up with something to post, I went through and tagged all my posts with different labels. I was trying to come up with categories that would continue to be useful in the future. Obviously labels like crochet, knitting, and "addicted to TV" came up. But after rereading a couple of posts I realized I needed the label, "gross stuff makes me laugh." Cause the truth is, some pretty gross things make me laugh.

Like this video:

I laughed so hard I cried, then I almost gagged, then I laughed some more.

It figures

As soon as I "publicize" (i.e. list this blog on my facebook profile, which I'm pretty sure no one has noticed) I run out of things I'm excited to blog about. Lost has taken over my life. I watched about a dozen episodes with the boyfriend this weekend. We justified it by the fact that it has been raining biblically for the past week, so pizza and dvds were just the thing.

I was on such a roll with the knitting and crocheting and now I've totally pooped out. Crochet Rug 2.0 has had extremely little progress, Lost is too engrossing for me to be able to crochet or cut t-shirts effectively while watching. And I haven't knitted since I ran out of yarn for the failed capelet that I mentioned here. But I'm going to need to amp production back up cause I'm planning some knitted wedding gifts and I also want to retry the capelet, but with different yarn. I'd really like to be able to wear this with my bridesmaid dress from B's wedding. I found another link to the pattern on Ravelry so I know it can be resized (basically I just need to start with a larger neck measurement), now I just need enough yarn. I'm thinking Lion Brand Thick'n Quick, I know it's not the most glamorous stuff out there, but it's in my budget.

So, things around here are either really dull if you're not into Lost, or really exciting if you are!