Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not worth it

This post is about an ugly plant that the former resident of my apartment left behind. Here it is:

It's not only a bad picture, it's just an ugly plant. But I initially felt happy about having a plant in my new place. Plants are good. So I watered it and it grew a little and I felt nice. But here's what I know is true about me: I'm not that inclined towards growing plants. I forget to water them and I don't like the dirt.

So I would water it, then forget, it would get wilty and sad looking, so I'd water it again and it would perk up and that would make me feel good, but then I'd forget to water it again for a while. One day it dawned on me that I didn't particularly like the plant in the first place and since I clearly wasn't motivated enough to give it what it needed, it was only draining me to continue caring for it. So I put it out with the trash.

Goodbye ugly little plant. I hope you decompose in peace and go on to serve a better purpose than annoying me from the windowsill.

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