Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes it hits me

You've been in a cave lately if you haven't seen this:

Cute right? I found it sweet. I didn't quite love it the way it seems a lot of people did, but hey, I just might have some lingering bias. (Sidenote: I HATED "Enchanted" and came closer than I ever have to walking out of the theater. Hated it. And I'm pretty sure I still would now.) But I genuinely enjoyed watching this little video, even though once was definitely enough for me.

Well a friend just posted this to FB:

I'm sorry, it's just too great. Obviously the group in the second video really knows what they're doing, that's some seriously well-choreographed and well-executed moves. The judge is my favorite. Well, maybe when she throws the bouquet is my favorite. Or maybe the court officers are my favorite. Oh hell the whole video just made me smile. And it's all meant in good fun.

I don't root for divorce. It sucks. It SUCKS. And it sucks even if you don't have kids. Or a house. But I have to say, I cringe a little every time I see the fairy tale, "we're so blissfully (blindly?) happy," marriage stuff. (Or a lot if it's a whole movie's worth of crap like "Enchanted" *vomit*) So it was really refreshing to see a parody of the "Forever" wedding entrance video. Cause I said "forever" once and later wound up in front of a judge saying "not anymore." Who says there can't be humor in that?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dishcloths, an ON TIME wedding present!

Made a wedding present for some friends. This is from way back in June so the blog post is way behind, but the present was finished on time! Just barely though, so I wound up taking pictures on the seat of my car before I stuffed it all in the gift bag and walked into the wedding (seriously).

Four ballband dishcloths! I feel like Kay!

The bride loves pink, what can I say?

I threw in a matching hanging hand towel on a whim cause I was so ahead of schedule. And I had enough yarn leftover.

I did the patchwork looking checkerboard stockinette/reverse stockinette thing. I liked it a lot and I'm thinking of using for a blanket I'm (planning to start) making for another friend's wedding present.

I think the little set turned out cute =) I hope they like it too.

And my crappy camera takes crappy pictures of people and dancing, but look at the nice shot of the place setting. Sadly I forgot to take my tiny pink bucket full of pink candy with me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What I've been doing with my summer vacation

I've been such a slacker blogger. I've been a slogger. But since I'll be in grad school in a month, I've been on a mission to have as much fun as possible before classes start. Here's the run down of things I've been doing other than blogging:

July 3: Grafton Drive-in to see Transformers (snore) and The Hangover (lol!)

July 4: Cook-out (with potato salad mentioned in last post), porch viewed fireworks (courtesy of my favorite holiday), garage keg party

July 8: Canoeing with Pops

July 10: Birthday Weekend dinner out at Black Bear Burritos

July 11: My birthday! Halftime String Band at Chesnut Ridge Park (where we saw an actual black bear!!), late dinner at Madeleine's, Thick as Thieves at 123 Pleasant Street

July 12: Cheeseburgers, bonfire, and s'mores at my parents' house

July 13: JOHN MELLENCAMP AND BOB DYLAN!!! (Willie Nelson also performed but we missed him because of insane concert traffic.) I ditched my friends for a while during Bob's set and managed to sneak my way up to two people away from the fence. I had a better view than I could have imagined, and I had no camera.

July 17: Larry Keel (with Halftime opening) at 123 Pleasant Street

July 18: A friend's 1-year-old's birthday party, '85 Flood in a weird little bar in Pittsburg

July 19: Hiking Rock City at Cooper's Rock

July 22: Cassie's Birthday lunch out at Black Bear Burritos

July 23: Leisurely stroll through South Park with a pit stop for dollar draft night at Gene's

July 24: Inaugural bike ride on my new powder blue Huffy, Nick Sickles at Riverstone, The Greens at 123 Pleasant Street (where I danced my little heart out after all the wine I had at Riverstone)

July 25: Hiking down for the Motorcycle Parade downtown, porch viewed fireworks (courtesy of Mountain Fest)

And that's just July. June included seeing the Avett Brothers, PHISH, and a roadtrip to Boston where I witnessed a hot pink wedding and saw lots of well-missed friends. Amongst plenty of other fun.

And this weekend I'm sure will have more live music, possibly a local production of Sweeney Todd, and the looooooooong anticipated start to SHARK WEEK. I'm sad that July is ending, because it is my favorite month and I have had so much fun this July. But I can't be too sad because Shark Week!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!

This is my favorite holiday. I love summer, it's a week till my birthday, I love fireworks, I love cookouts, I love hanging out with friends all day. There's no real pressure to have all the traditional stuff like at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hand me a beer and a burger and some potato salad on the side, sit me on a porch with a view of the fireworks, stick some friends around me, and that's a perfect Fourth of July. It just encompasses everything that makes me happiest.

So in honor of the holiday, and in honor of my renewed girl crush on Heather Graham (saw "The Hangover" last night at the drive-in!) I'll leave you with this while I go make the potato salad: