Monday, May 11, 2009

Unexpected Domesticity

It seems these days it's pretty hip to be domestic. Handmade and home cooked are trendy? Hey, I'm all for it. As a knitter, I definitely appreciate handmade. But knitting takes SO LONG. And I never got into sewing, I hate the idea of stabbing my fingers all the time. It feels like in the time it would take me to get the hang of a handmade lifestyle, it'd become hip to by mass produced goods again. And cooking? It's not just not my thing, I'd ALWAYS rather get take-out or buy a frozen pizza. But I guess every now and then everyone does something a little out of character.

I did this:
Pasta salad. I have no intention of eating this till tomorrow evening at the earliest. I just wanted to make it. What is up with that?

And then I did this:

Cut up veggies for an omelet that I apparently will make sometime soon. (???) I just voluntarily prepped vegetables. This is not normal. The empty wine glass in the back of these photos is normal, but the culinary production is very, very odd.

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