Saturday, March 28, 2009

I can't believe I'm making this my first post - or - The reason God made farts smell is so deaf people can enjoy them as well.

After some urging, both external and internal, I'm starting a new blog. I'm going to try to not be precious about it, or perfectionist-y, or take feedback (of any kind) too seriously. I've had issues in the past (probably more about that later).

In anycase, I set up the Foggy Outlet name (probably more about that later too) but then left it blank for a little while, waiting for inspiration. I found some inspiration here: check out segment 4 for The News from Lake Wobegon. I don't know why I always giggle at this kind of stuff (the "stuff" I'm referring to is a little ways into the segment). But I do. I am 6. Farts are funny.

I have always loved blowing zerberts on people. It's funny cause it sounds like a fart but it doesn't stink and if you do it right it tickles. This was a big perk of being a nanny, captive zerbert victim. Now my poor boyfriend gets a zerbert on his neck whenever I'm feeling a little hyper. I'm never sure how this makes him feel. He laughs, but kind of nervously.

Anyway, I was going to post an audio file of me making fart noises in my elbow (ala The Pioneer Woman's burps) but I can't post it unless it's a video and there's something about a video of me making fart noises in my elbow that is a line I just can't cross.

But here's a picture:

Hi blogging world!

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