Monday, July 27, 2009

What I've been doing with my summer vacation

I've been such a slacker blogger. I've been a slogger. But since I'll be in grad school in a month, I've been on a mission to have as much fun as possible before classes start. Here's the run down of things I've been doing other than blogging:

July 3: Grafton Drive-in to see Transformers (snore) and The Hangover (lol!)

July 4: Cook-out (with potato salad mentioned in last post), porch viewed fireworks (courtesy of my favorite holiday), garage keg party

July 8: Canoeing with Pops

July 10: Birthday Weekend dinner out at Black Bear Burritos

July 11: My birthday! Halftime String Band at Chesnut Ridge Park (where we saw an actual black bear!!), late dinner at Madeleine's, Thick as Thieves at 123 Pleasant Street

July 12: Cheeseburgers, bonfire, and s'mores at my parents' house

July 13: JOHN MELLENCAMP AND BOB DYLAN!!! (Willie Nelson also performed but we missed him because of insane concert traffic.) I ditched my friends for a while during Bob's set and managed to sneak my way up to two people away from the fence. I had a better view than I could have imagined, and I had no camera.

July 17: Larry Keel (with Halftime opening) at 123 Pleasant Street

July 18: A friend's 1-year-old's birthday party, '85 Flood in a weird little bar in Pittsburg

July 19: Hiking Rock City at Cooper's Rock

July 22: Cassie's Birthday lunch out at Black Bear Burritos

July 23: Leisurely stroll through South Park with a pit stop for dollar draft night at Gene's

July 24: Inaugural bike ride on my new powder blue Huffy, Nick Sickles at Riverstone, The Greens at 123 Pleasant Street (where I danced my little heart out after all the wine I had at Riverstone)

July 25: Hiking down for the Motorcycle Parade downtown, porch viewed fireworks (courtesy of Mountain Fest)

And that's just July. June included seeing the Avett Brothers, PHISH, and a roadtrip to Boston where I witnessed a hot pink wedding and saw lots of well-missed friends. Amongst plenty of other fun.

And this weekend I'm sure will have more live music, possibly a local production of Sweeney Todd, and the looooooooong anticipated start to SHARK WEEK. I'm sad that July is ending, because it is my favorite month and I have had so much fun this July. But I can't be too sad because Shark Week!!

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