Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes it hits me

You've been in a cave lately if you haven't seen this:

Cute right? I found it sweet. I didn't quite love it the way it seems a lot of people did, but hey, I just might have some lingering bias. (Sidenote: I HATED "Enchanted" and came closer than I ever have to walking out of the theater. Hated it. And I'm pretty sure I still would now.) But I genuinely enjoyed watching this little video, even though once was definitely enough for me.

Well a friend just posted this to FB:

I'm sorry, it's just too great. Obviously the group in the second video really knows what they're doing, that's some seriously well-choreographed and well-executed moves. The judge is my favorite. Well, maybe when she throws the bouquet is my favorite. Or maybe the court officers are my favorite. Oh hell the whole video just made me smile. And it's all meant in good fun.

I don't root for divorce. It sucks. It SUCKS. And it sucks even if you don't have kids. Or a house. But I have to say, I cringe a little every time I see the fairy tale, "we're so blissfully (blindly?) happy," marriage stuff. (Or a lot if it's a whole movie's worth of crap like "Enchanted" *vomit*) So it was really refreshing to see a parody of the "Forever" wedding entrance video. Cause I said "forever" once and later wound up in front of a judge saying "not anymore." Who says there can't be humor in that?

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