Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle

This is my bicycle. I bought it at the Wal-Marts with my birthday money from my grandparents. I love that it looks kind of retro, but it's from Wal-Mart so I feel like that aesthetic actually just makes it a little dorky. I'll show you a real picture of the actual one I bought later when I'm not blogging at work and stealing images from walmart.com.

I rode it to work the other day (I'm partly lying here, I drove with it down to the bike path and then rode it from there to work; if you lived in WV you'd do the same thing) and it was pretty fun. Not as fun as riding it just for kicks, cause when I'm riding it just for kicks I'm not also trying to carry stuff with me and I'm wearing clothes that I don't mind sweating in. So clearly I need to bring a change of clothes with me if I ride to work again. I also still need to bring the entire contents of my large purse. I can go without my large purse for short periods of time and on the weekends, but I can't go without it at work.

Dear Internet, should I do the very easy and sensible thing and carry my stuff in a backpack when I bike? Or should I do the thing that this bike seems to require in order to make it whole, and put a basket on the front? And if I do, should it be this one?

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